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We will tell you what how to earn Grateful Offerings in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Grateful Offerings are used to purchase cosmetic rewards from your Covenant’s Renown vendor in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, and there’s only one way to farm them. Well, more like six ways if we want to split hairs, but they are all tied to a single system that will take time, Anima, and Redeemed Souls to fully unlock.

Grateful Offerings are earned from completing Anima Conductor's daily quests in the zone of your Covenant.As these items are locked behind daily quest content, the best way to farm Grateful Offerings is to level your Anima Conductor to level three as soon as possible and make sure you are completing the six quests given each day.

Unlike gold, Grateful Offering can only be paid to a Renown Vendor. They're used to buy Covenant-related weapons, armor, mounts, and pets. In addition, 35 Grateful Offerings can be used to purchase the Chronicle of Lost Memories, which is an item that teaches a Legendary power the player does not yet have.

How to Earn Grateful Offerings in WoW: Shadowlands
To start earning Grateful Offerings, players will need to unlock the Anima Conductor and build it in their Covenant's Sanctum. This can usually be done after the player completes chapter one of their Covenant's campaign. Depending on when players choose to purchase this upgrade, it will cost at least 1000 Anima and 1 Redeemed Soul.

Once you’ve unlocked the Anima Conductor you will have access to two activities, and you can only enable one a day. You can technically access both if you log in daily, since the activity rewards reset with the daily reset, yet the activity lasts 24-hours from the time of activation. Double-dipping like this means you’ll earn more Grateful Offerings a day, which start at 3 per activity. That’s the difference between 90 Grateful Offerings a month, and 180. Since the most expensive cosmetics in Shadowlands require 50 Grateful Offerings and are locked behind rather high Renown ranks, casual players can easily acquire the amount they need if they keep up with their Tier 1 Anima Conductor.

The Anima Conductor gives players access to two activities, but only one can be enabled per day.This is accomplished by players opening a stream of Anima from the Anima Conductor at the cost of 25 Anima. These streams open different parts of the Covenant homeworld and will cost another 25 Anime if the stream closes. Opening streams generate daily activities that include opening treasure or defeating enemy Champions or powerful foes to obtain Grateful Offering. Investing more in the Anima Conductor will unlock more activities.

There are three possible upgrades for players to unlock. They cost more Anima and Redeemed Souls each, but they will also each open an additional 2 streams. A fully upgraded Anima Conductor can have six potential streams, meaning six activities that reward Grateful Offerings. As players enable more activities, they will eventually unlock the ability to reinforce a stream. A stream can be reinforced when players have completed 10 activities in that area. Reinforcing a stream keeps it permanently open, and players will no longer have to spend Anima to open it. Eventually, if players upgrade their Anima Conductor all three available Tiers, they can have six activities going each day, at 3 Grateful Offerings apiece, and purchase every Covenant cosmetic available in Shadowlands.

This is one of the many new currencies and systems implemented into the Shadowlands, however, it is purely cosmetic and players are not forced to farm out these items for player power, giving choice to the people who do not care for cosmetic items in World of Warcraft, which is a step up from previous expansions.

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