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Aegwynn-Alliance Aegwynn-Horde Aerie-Peak-Alliance
Aerie-Peak-Horde Agamaggan-Alliance Agamaggan-Horde
Aggramar-Alliance Aggramar-Horde Ahn`Qiraj-Alliance
Ahn`Qiraj-Horde Al`Akir-Alliance Al`Akir-Horde
Alexstrasza-Alliance Alexstrasza-Horde Alleria-Alliance
Alleria-Horde Alonsus-Alliance Alonsus-Horde
Aman`Thul-Alliance Aman`Thul-Horde Ambossar-Alliance
Ambossar-Horde Anachronos-Alliance Anachronos-Horde
Anetheron-Alliance Anetheron-Horde Antonidas-Alliance
Antonidas-Horde Anub`arak-Alliance Anub`arak-Horde
Anvilmar-Alliance Anvilmar-Horde Arak-Alliance
Arak-Horde Arathi-Alliance Arathi-Horde
Arathor-Alliance Arathor-Horde Archimonde-Alliance
Archimonde-Horde Argent-Dawn-Alliance Argent-Dawn-Horde
Arthas-Alliance Arthas-Horde Arygos-Alliance
Arygos-Horde Aszune-Alliance Aszune-Horde
Auchindoun-Alliance Auchindoun-Horde Azjol-Alliance
Azjol-Horde Azshara-Alliance Azshara-Horde
Azuremyst-Alliance Azuremyst-Horde

Baelgun-Alliance Baelgun-Horde Balnazzar-Alliance
Balnazzar-Horde Blackhand-Alliance Blackhand-Horde
Blackmoore-Alliance Blackmoore-Horde Blackrock-Alliance
Blackrock-Horde Blade`s-Edge-Alliance Blade`s-Edge-Horde
Bladefist-Alliance Bladefist-Horde Bloodfeather-Alliance
Bloodfeather-Horde Bloodhoof-Alliance Bloodhoof-Horde
Bloodscalp-Alliance Bloodscalp-Horde Blutkessel-Alliance
Blutkessel-Horde Borean-Tundra-Alliance Borean-Tundra-Horde
Boulderfist-Alliance Boulderfist-Horde Bronze-Dragonflight-Alliance
Bronze-Dragonflight-Horde Bronzebeard-Alliance Bronzebeard-Horde
Burning-Blade-Alliance Burning-Blade-Horde Burning-Legion-Alliance
Burning-Legion-Horde Burning-Stepper-Alliance Burning-Stepper-Horde

C`Thun-Alliance C`Thun-Horde Chamber-Of-Aspects-Alliance
Chamber-Of-Aspects-Horde Chants-eternels-Alliance Chants-eternels-Horde
Cho`gall-Alliance Cho`gall-Horde Chromaggus-Alliance
Chromaggus-Horde Colinas-Pardas-Alliance Colinas-Pardas-Horde
Confrerie-du-Thorium-Alliance Confrerie-du-Thorium-Horde Conseil-des-Ombres-Alliance
Conseil-des-Ombres-Horde Crushridge-Alliance Crushridge-Horde
Culet-De-La-Rive-Noire-Alliance Culet-De-La-Rive-Noire-Horde

Daggerspine-Alliance Daggerspine-Horde Dalaran-Alliance
Dalaran-Horde Dalvengyr-Alliance Dalvengyr-Horde
Darkmoon-Faire-Alliance Darkmoon-Faire-Horde Darksorrow-Alliance
Darksorrow-Horde Darkspear-Alliance Darkspear-Horde
Das-Konsortium-Alliance Das-Konsortium-Horde Das-Syndikat-Alliance
Das-Syndikat-Horde Deathwing-Alliance Deathwing-Horde
Defias-Brotherhood-Alliance Defias-Brotherhood-Horde Dentarg-Alliance
Dentarg-Horde Der-abyssische-Rat-Alliance Der-abyssische-Rat-Horde
Der-Mithrilorden-Alliance Der-Mithrilorden-Horde Der-Rat-von-Dalaran-Alliance
Der-Rat-von-Dalaran-Horde Destromath-Alliance Destromath-Horde
Dethecus-Alliance Dethecus-Horde Die-Aldor-Alliance
Die-Aldor-Horde Die-Arguswacht-Alliance Die-Arguswacht-Horde
Die-ewige-Wacht-Alliance Die-ewige-Wacht-Horde Die-Nachtwache-Alliance
Die-Nachtwache-Horde Die-Silberne-Hand-Alliance Die-Silberne-Hand-Horde
Die-Todeskrallen-Alliance Die-Todeskrallen-Horde Doomhammer-Alliance
Doomhammer-Horde Draenor-Alliance Draenor-Horde
Dragonblight-Alliance Dragonblight-Horde Dragonmaw-Alliance
Dragonmaw-Horde Drak`thul-Alliance Drak`thul-Horde
Drek`Thar-Alliance Dun-Modr-Alliance Dun-Modr-Horde
Dun-Morogh-Alliance Dun-Morogh-Horde Dunemaul-Alliance
Dunemaul-Horde Durotan-Alliance Durotan-Horde

Earthen-Ring-Alliance Earthen-Ring-Horde Echsenkessel-Alliance
Echsenkessel-Horde Eitrigg-Alliance Eitrigg-Horde
Eldre`Thalas-Alliance Eldre`Thalas-Horde Elune-Alliance
Elune-Horde Emerald-Dream-Alliance Emerald-Dream-Horde
Emeriss-Alliance Emeriss-Horde Eonar-Alliance
Eonar-Horde Eredar-Alliance Eredar-Horde
Executus-Alliance Executus-Horde Exodar-Alliance

Festung-der-Sturme-Alliance Festung-der-Sturme-Horde Fizzcrank-Alliance
Fizzcrank-Horde Forscherliga-Alliance Forscherliga-Horde
Frostmane-Alliance Frostmane-Horde Frostmourne-Alliance
Frostmourne-Horde Frostwhisper-Alliance Frostwhisper-Horde
Frostwolf-Alliance Frostwolf-Horde

Garona-Alliance Garona-Horde Garrosh-Alliance
Garrosh-Horde Genjuros-Alliance Genjuros-Horde
Ghostlands-Alliance Ghostlands-Horde Gilneas-Alliance
Gilneas-Horde Gorgonnash-Alliance Gorgonnash-Horde
Grim-Batol-Alliance Grim-Batol-Horde Gul`dan-Alliance

Hakkar-Alliance Hakkar-Horde Haomarush-Alliance
Haomarush-Horde Hellfire-Alliance Hellfire-Horde
Hellscream-Alliance Hellscream-Horde Hyjal-Alliance

Illidan-Alliance Illidan-Horde

Jaedenar-Alliance Jaedenar-Horde

Kael`Thas-Alliance Kael`Thas-Horde Karazhan-Alliance
Karazhan-Horde Kargath-Alliance Kargath-Horde
Kazzak-Alliance Kazzak-Horde Kel`Thuzad-Alliance
Kel`Thuzad-Horde Khadgar-Alliance Khadgar-Horde
Khaz`goroth-Alliance Khaz`goroth-Horde Khaz-Modan-Alliance
Khaz-Modan-Horde Kil`Jaeden-Alliance Kil`Jaeden-Horde
Kilrogg-Alliance Kilrogg-Horde Kirin-Tor-Alliance
Kirin-Tor-Horde Kor`gall-Alliance Kor`gall-Horde
Krag`jin-Alliance Krasus-Alliance Krasus-Horde
Kul-Tiras-Alliance Kul-Tiras-Horde Kult-der-Verdammten-Alliance

La-Croisade-ecarlate-Alliance La-Croisade-ecarlate-Horde Laughing-Skull-Alliance
Laughing-Skull-Horde Les-clairvoyants-Alliance Les-clairvoyants-Horde
Les-Sentinelles-Alliance Les-Sentinelles-Horde Lightbringer-Alliance
Lightbringer-Horde Lightning`s-Blade-Alliance Lightning`s-Blade-Horde
Lordaeron-Alliance Lordaeron-Horde Los-Errantes-Alliance
Los-Errantes-Horde Lothar-Alliance Lothar-Horde

Madmortem-Alliance Madmortem-Horde Magtheridon-Alliance
Magtheridon-Horde Mal`Ganis-Alliance Mal`Ganis-Horde
Malfurion-Alliance Malfurion-Horde Malorne-Aliiance
Malorne-Horde Malygos-Alliance Malygos-Horde
Mannoroth-Alliance Mannoroth-Horde Mare-Cage-De-Zangar-Alliance
Mare-Cage-De-Zangar-Horde Mazrigos-Alliance Mazrigos-Horde
Medivh-Alliance Medivh-Horde Minahonda-Alliance
Minahonda-Horde Moonglade-Alliance Moonglade-Horde
Mug`thol-Alliance Mug`thol-Horde

Nagrand-Alliance Nagrand-Horde Nathrezim-Alliance
Nathrezim-Horde Naxxramas-Alliance Naxxramas-Horde
Nazjatar-Alliance Nazjatar-Horde Nefarian-Alliance
Nefarian-Horde Neptulon-Alliance Neptulon-Horde
Ner`zhul-Alliance Ner`zhul-Horde Nera`thor-Alliance
Nera`thor-Horde Nethersturm-Alliance Nethersturm-Horde
Nordrassil-Alliance Nordrassil-Horde Norgannon-Alliance
Norgannon-Horde Nozdormu-Alliance Nozdormu-Horde

Onyxia-Alliance Onyxia-Horde Outland-Alliance

Perenolde-Alliance Perenolde-Horde Proudmoore-Alliance

Quel`Thalas-Alliance Quel`Thalas-Horde

Ragnaros-Alliance Ragnaros-Horde Rajaxx-Alliance
Rajaxx-Horde Rashgarroth-Alliance Rashgarroth-Horde
Ravencrest-Alliance Ravencrest-Horde Ravenholdt-Alliance
Ravenholdt-Horde Rexxar-Alliance Rexxar-Horde
Runetotem-Alliance Runetotem-Horde

Sanguino-Alliance Sanguino-Horde Sargeras-Alliance
Sargeras-Horde Saurfang-Alliance Saurfang-Horde
Scarshield-Legion-Alliance Scarshield-Legion-Horde Sen`jin-Alliance
Sen`jin-Horde Shadow-Moon-Alliance Shadow-Moon-Horde
Shadowsong-Alliance Shadowsong-Horde Shattered-Halls-Alliance
Shattered-Halls-Horde Shattered-Hand-Alliance Shattered-Hand-Horde
Shattrath-Alliance Shattrath-Horde Shen`dralar-Alliance
Shen`dralar-Horde Silvermoon-Alliance Silvermoon-Horde
Sinstralis-Alliance Sinstralis-Horde Skullcrusher-Alliance
Skullcrusher-Horde Spinebreaker-Alliance Spinebreaker-Horde
Sporeggar-Alliance Sporeggar-Horde Steamwheedle-Cartel-Alliance
Steamwheedle-Cartel-Horde Stonemaul-Alliance Stonemaul-Horde
Stormrage-Alliance Stormrage-Horde Stormreaver-Alliance
Stormreaver-Horde Stormscale-Alliance Stormscale-Horde
Sunstrider-Alliance Sunstrider-Horde Suramar-Alliance
Suramar-Horde Sylvanas-Alliance Sylvanas-Horde

Taerar-Alliance Taerar-Horde Talnivarr-Alliance
Talnivarr-Horde Tarren-Mill-Alliance Tarren-Mill-Horde
Teldrassil-Alliance Teldrassil-Horde Temple-noir-Alliance
Temple-noir-Horde Terenas-Alliance Terenas-Horde
Terokkar-Alliance Terokkar-Horde Terrodar-Alliance
Terrodar-Horde The-Maelstrom-Alliance The-Maelstrom-Horde
The-Sha`tar-Alliance The-Sha`tar-Horde The-Venture-Co.-Alliance
The-Venture-Co.-Horde Theradras-Alliance Theradras-Horde
Thrall-Alliance Thrall-Horde Throk`Feroth-Alliance
Throk`Feroth-Horde Thunderhorn-Alliance Thunderhorn-Horde
Tichondrius-Alliance Tichondrius-Horde Tirion-Alliance
Tirion-Horde Todeswache-Alliance Todeswache-Horde
Trollbane-Alliance Trollbane-Horde Turalyon-Alliance
Turalyon-Horde Twilight`s-Hammer-Alliance Twilight`s-Hammer-Horde
Twisting-Nether-Alliance Twisting-Nether-Horde Tyrande-Alliance

Uldaman-Alliance Uldaman-Horde Ulduar-Alliance
Ulduar-Horde Uldum-Alliance Uldum-Horde
Un`Goro-Alliance Un`goro-Horde

Varimathras-Alliance Varimathras-Horde Vashj-Alliance
Vashj-Horde Vek`lor-Alliance Vek`lor-Horde
Vek`nilash-Alliance Vek`nilash-Horde Vol`jin-Alliance

Warsong-Alliance Warsong-Alliance Warsong-Horde
Warsong-Horde Wildhammer-Alliance Wildhammer-Horde
Wrathbringer-Alliance Wrathbringer-Horde

Xavius-Alliance Xavius-Horde

Ysera-Alliance Ysera-Horde Ysondre-Alliance

Zenedar-Alliance Zenedar-Horde Zirkel-des-Cenarius-Alliance
Zirkel-des-Cenarius-Horde Zul`Jin-Alliance Zul`Jin-Horde
Zuluhed-Alliance Zuluhed-Horde

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