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Crusader Kings III is that rare sort of game that immediately takes your breath away

Crusader Kings III is that rare sort of game that immediately takes your breath away. The goal is a simple one: to elevate the status of your dynasty in any way you see fit. But the sheer breadth of ways to achieve that goal make for a genuinely new experience each time, even within the same campaign.

It all looks great, too. You can zoom all the way out of the enormous map in Crusader Kings 3 and apply a variety of filters to see all the kingdoms and the various alliances therein. You can also zoom incredibly far in, getting a sense of each little city in each small territory. Everyone brims with character, as the animated, 3D models have much more personality than the portraits of old.

Characters are now fully 3D and animated, so you can see congenital traits come to the surface and affect your dynasty in real-time. The new lifestyle tree grafts a set of RPG skill paths into the game which provides a strong sense of purpose on a macro level and ensures you don’t get lost in the sauce.

For the first time in franchise history, Crusader Kings 3 models the idea of stress. You can make a good and pious ruler do terrible things, but push anyone too far and they’ll snap. Kings and queens can literally go insane, reducing their ability to rule and setting themselves up for ruin. It’s a delicate balancing act, and one that forces players to understand the characters they have under their control and play them to type — or be prepared to deal with the consequences.

War is one of the biggest parts of Crusader Kings III, as it’s the primary means to seize new domains and titles to pass on to your heir. There are several kinds of wars such as ones that require a claim to a title (or you could send your Chancellor to fabricate one), a Holy War based on religious differences, a vassal or peasant uprising due to lack of control or other perceived injustice, a war of defense against an invading threat, or a call to action from an ally embroidered in their own war.

There are lots of ways that Crusader Kings 3 works its roleplaying aspects into its strategy elements, as well. Though events are somewhat random, traits can be inherited through genetics or upbringing. Going against your traits also results in characters accumulating stress. If you are a cruel character, for example, you get stressed out by being nice to people.

Yet, there’s so much hijinks to be had in Crusader Kings III. Beyond its own suggestions, the game rewards crafty behaviour: blackmailing emperors, imprisoning heretics and sowing the seeds of doubt in a powerful opponent’s court all constitute such an exclusive thrill, one I’m yet to become tired of. The random events that keep the game interesting are always flush with well-written flavour text, forcing you to pivot into different styles of leadership, renege on old alliances and break ancient oaths.

Crusader Kings III is a game that you become completely engrossed in as you play, and obsess over when you’re not. Even if you’re not a strategy game fan, the person-focused approach to the genre allows for players to build more intimate relationships with your family, allies, and greater kingdom. Not only is it fun, but it’s impactful and the experience stays with you long after you close down the game after a long session.

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