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Buy wow gold---Rating Decay
There is been a lot of discussion as of late, particularly in this arena season due to the MMR carryovers from season 5 where previously OP comps got destroyed in the first week of s6 and skyrocketed certain teams to astronomical ratings where they have been sitting ever since (see Billians 2v2) there is short for Buy wow gold . This will always continue to be a problem as each new season begins as well as the inherent problem of "rating squatters" that earn a high rating early on in the season by getting a string of wins off against another high rated team and essentially sitting on the rating for the rest of the season to try to camp it for the rank 1 title about Buy wow gold 
Although perfectly viable in the current system, almost anyone that plays competitively would object to this type of play and a solution I have been thinking of is implementing a simple rating decay system to get Buy wow gold . Although the numbers could be fine tuned any which way, a good example I came up with is for a team rating to decay at a rate of 1% of it is total rating per week of inactivity and in order to prevent inactivity,Buy wow gold   the team would have to participate in at least 10 games that week. This example would result in an inactive 2800 rated team a loss of 28 points on the first week of inactivity and slightly decreasing each week thereafter about Buy wow gold .
I think that this would be a good implementation to prevent rating squatting as it is not punitive enough to cripple teams that miss a week or so from people being out of town or anything, but also gives enough incentive for high rated teams to defend their rating rather than just sit on it waiting for someone to approach, and it is probably the best compromise for hardcores and casuals alike to make both ends of the spectrum happy for Buy wow gold .

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