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Buy wow gold---Why Healing Should Be Nerfed

Pretty much everyone saw in the latest patch notes the recent additions to the 3.2 PTR of two new healing reductions given to both frost mages and shadow priests about Wow gold. Aside from the frost mage version being absolutely ridiculous (20% ms on every chill, really?), Wow Oro it was Blizzard continuing their very unimaginative trend of giving more classes a healing reduction rather than nerfing the true problem: Wow gold.

If anyone has participated in 2v2 this season as healer/dps and fought any half-decent team with a resto druid, you probably noticed that the druid is almost impossible to take down unless: A) you have a healing reduction and a good burst setup, B) they are completely out of mana, or C) they are absolutely terrible for Wow gold. The same can be said for prot paladins (particularly those with 4pc t, and priests/shamans to an extent but those two classes are much more limited by their finite mana pool than druids and paladins to get Wow gold.
As it stands now, unless you have a healing reduction, even as a Death Knight in BiS (best in slot) gear, it is virtually impossible to drop a very good pvp healer unless they are out of mana or unless they make a mistake. This trend will only get worse as gear improves and as the resilience changes go through about Wow gold. Thus, rather than their current approach, I feel one or more of the following solutions would be more approriate:
-Reduce all healing coefficients by 25% when participating in arena
-Remove Guarded by the Light permanent plea effect
-Reduce healing effectiveness by 50% when shadowfiend, mana tide, or innervate are active

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