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Cheap World of Warcraft Gold---Accomplishes the

Probably old news to most, but the Taiwanese guild Stars once again impressed the masses of the Cheap World of Warcraft Gold raiding world by accomplishing what almost every theorycrafter thought to be "mathematically impossible" by defeating Yogg-Saron with no keepers helping for the true world first. Although the entire fight and almost every possible strategy was debunked on the R/D (raid and dungeons) and Elitist Jerks forums, Cheap World of Warcraft Gold they seemingly missed the brilliant one that Stars used to accomplish the incredible feat for Cheap World of Warcraft Gold.

I had personally felt that Affliction warlocks were absolutely godly for phase 3 of this fight due to the combination of Death Embrace and Drain Soul about Cheap World of Warcraft Gold but I never thought it would be possible to burn him from 30% to dead (which is around 2-3%) in less than 3 minutes without the help of any Keepers. It is truly an impressive feat and I find it mildly humorous that Ensidia continually makes subtle jabs at how they have not done it because their guildmates find it boring and how Stars put hundreds of attempts in on it... like Ensidia has not done that before (Freya +3 anyone?) about Cheap World of Warcraft Gold.
It really puts things in perspective though: Considering Taiwan gets patched weeks later than US/EU, and Stars has managed faster kills on the same content in less time spent learning it, and the world first kill on what has been commonly agreed upon as the hardest hard-mode to date about Cheap World of Warcraft Gold, is Stars the newly crowned best PvE guild in the world? In Ensidia words, "they spent every raid night for a month straight doing lone in the Darkness?"

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