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Zynga Facebook Poker Chips

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Buy Cheap Zynga Facebook Poker Chips Gold

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If you Want to buy 1000 million Facebook poker chips or more!

You can pay for larger orders of  Facebook poker chips quickly and securely through Western Union Online with a credit card, the very same way you are able to order through our website. We'll pick up the money and get your chips to you quickly. Contact us on Live Support or write to us at Email or MSN if you'd like to purchase 1000 million facebook chips or another custom amount.


Select an chip package.


Pay by clicking on the package you require.


After paying click on the live support icon to pick up your chips.
Trading methods
(1) You open a new account provide to us. -- Provide us your facebook id and password . we will transfer the Zynga Facebook Poker Chips  as soon as posible.
(2)We can provide you a new account with amount of chips you buy . 2)you can ask your friend to help you transfer the Zynga Facebook Poker Chips  in to your account.

Please place your right email ,phone number ore MSN when you order. So that we could contact with you easily.
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Zynga Facebook Poker Chips 24/7: 24/7 Customer Service, contact us if you have any question!

Winning facebook chips with the “sometimes concept”
The easiest players to play against in facebook texas holdem poker are those that are consistent. The ones who always raise with certain hands, fold on other ones, go all in when they flop a flush or straight, etc. A facebook poker player can be  tight, agressive, loose, or any other playing style they choose that wins them Zynga Facebook Poker Chips , but when they begin to become too consistent they give away their edge and allow more experienced players to gain too much insight into their poker strategy.

 For example, a good Zynga Facebook Poker Chips player who studies texas holdem strategy extensively and tries to implement it at the tables during tournaments or games might find themselves being outplayed by other players because they’ve read the very same strategy pointers, tips, strategy book and watched the same videos. Once they recognize that you’re a “by the book” player who raises when he should and checks and folds when its statistically optimal, they can use that very same strategy against you to take all your Zynga Facebook Poker Chips .

So how can this be countered? It’s quite simple really. “Sometimes” you need to do the oppositve of what you normally would do in any given situation. This doesn’t mean you should be calling raises of hundreds of millions of facebook poker chips with 7? 2?, but if you can change up your normal texas holdem strategy just a little, you can throw off more experienced players from reading your every move and predicting your next one. The best part about the “sometimes” concept is that you only have to use it “sometimes”, meaning just enough times to keep your opponents wondering if “this time” is one of the times you’re messing around with them or whether you reall just flopped a monster hand.

 Tags: facebook poker, facebook poker cheats, Zynga Facebook Poker Chips , facebook texas holdem, facebook zynga texas holdem, myspace poker chips, playfish poker chips, zynga poker chips |  3 Comments ?  Are you a Facebook Poker Donkey?
December 4th, 2009 | Author: admin

The Ace – King all in is a classic facebook poker donkey move, but they also have other moves that can help distinguish them. If any of these seem familiar to you because they’re part of your playing style, you might be a facebook poker donkey:
You chase anything and everything.
When you get 7 – 2 offsuit, the first thing that comes to your mind is “I should fold this…but what if 7 – 7 – 2 comes on the flop? The poker donkey is the eternal optimist, unable and unwilling to put down any cards because of the 3% chance that he might land a huge hand on the flop and is eager to push his facebook poker chips into the pot.

You were born to call.
Did someone who has been raising the entire hand just go all in with their facebook poker chips after the river? They probably have a very strong hand, but what the hell right? Call their bet and show ‘em whose boss with your monster pocket pair! A donkey will call just about every raise of facebook poker chips if there is the smallest chance that they might hit their flush or straight, however slim the chances. Donkeys love the excitement of being “in the pot” and to them poker is more of adrenaline rush then a game of skill and discipline.

You love to bluff.
The facebook poker donkey is a master of bluffing. The worse their hand is, the more they feel the need to bluff with huge raises of facebook chips. They watched a video on youtube about how to bluff in texas holdem and they believe they’ve mastered the most difficult maneuver in poker in 10 minutes of study. This particular breed of donkey can be distinguished by their nervous “chatter” in the chat box, something along the lines of “GO AHED AND CALL I DARE YOU” or “I HAVE ACEZ LOLZ!!”.

You’re always begging for facebook poker chips.

This is perhaps the most telling and obvious characteristic of the facebook poker donkey. No matter how hot of a lucky streak a donkey might catch, in the end the odds always catch up with them and they lose all their facebook poker chips. Thats when they start out on their quest of panhandling from room to room telling all their friends about how they almost won a monster pot but instead lost all their chips, and if they could just loan them a few million they will get paid back right away. Yeah..sure thing donkey, just let me finish this hand..
Facebook poker chips are an extremely popular currency in online Texas Hold'em Poker games for just about every social networking site on the internet. Texas Hold'em hit the mainstream when the World Series of Poker began to be broadcast on television. The excitement of playing for millions of dollars in real money was an undeniable draw for the millions of poker fans around the world, but not everyone is able to fly to Las Vegas and pay the $10,000 entry fee into the tournament. So instead players from around the globe have flocked to online gaming sites to get their Texas Hold'em fix.

Facebook poker chips have no real life value outside of the game, but that doesn't stop everyone and their mother from trying to accumulate them and earn a spot on the top players list, which features the best players from every country in the world. Players grind away in the rooms for hours on end just for the chance to win enough Facebook chips to see their name on this list.

Another big draw for Facebook Texas Hold'em is the ability to play with your friends and family online, at any time of the day, rain or shine. Players don't have to set up games in their homes and be disappointed by no shows anymore. Just log into your account on any social networking site and you can be playing in minutes. Some people seem to believe that the gameplay on these sites isn't as professional or competitive as in real money games, but others disagree, citing the cut throat competition in the high roller rooms where players throw around millions, and sometimes billions of chips.

Sometimes when players lose their chips after a streak of bad luck they choose to buy some Cheap Zynga Facebook Poker Chips  from online sites that can be found by searching on the internet. Most of these sites allow you to buy a few million chips with your credit or debit card at the click of a button and be back in the game without missing a beat. Chips can also be purchased in the game, but those with a taste for the biggest high roller rooms where the minimum buy-ins are in the millions or hundreds of millions of poker chips, usually the only option is for them to find a seller who specializes in larger chip purchases. With a little research on the internet you can find yourself a reliable seller of cheap Facebook poker chips who can ensure you're never left high and dry begging your friends for spare chips.
Facebook poker chips are a popular virtual currency used in online social gaming, I run a blog dedicated to information about Facebook poker chips for social networking sites on the internet. Visitors can find information about how to buy Facebook poker chips, tips on how to win chips, game developer news, and other useful information about Texas Hold'em Poker on the internet.
 Understanding laugh:
Buy Cheapest Zynga Facebook Poker Chips smartest game player
A smart game player  was told that there was a kind of Cheap Zynga Facebook Poker Chips which would only consume half of money compared with others on other websites. He was very excited, and said: "That'll be terrific! Since buying them once  can save half , if I buy them twice, no money will be needed.... ha  ha``````

Tags: facebook poker cheats, Facebook Poker Chips, facebook texas holdem poker, glamble poker chips, myspace poker chips, zynga poker chips |  17 Comments »  Are you playing against a bot in poker?
November 28th, 2009 | Author: admin

..not everyone in poker is human.

There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about bots in Poker, ranging from how they work, to what exactly they are, and whether or not players should fear them.  Bots in competative games aren’t a new trend, they’ve been around for years dating back to artificial opponents in chess.  At its core, a poker bot is a simple program that tracks and translates the cards dealt into mathematical equations and acts (ie. raises, folds etc.) according the odds of each possible outcome.  But they’re far from a ‘set it and forget it’ program to rake in facebook poker chips.

Most experts in poker seem to agree that poker bots are only ever successful in Limit Texas holdem due to its primarily mathematical structure, and that they seem to lag behind human players in No Limit Texas Holdem due to the large “all in” variable that bots have trouble dealing with. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not out there being used in both real money and facebook texas holdem rooms to win poker chips.

No hard statistics exist about just how much bot play might be out there in poker rooms across the internet, obviously because such a thing is nearly impossible to gauge. Most real money rooms ban players accounts and freeze their funds if they’re caught using bots, because players feel that it might give others an unfair advantage to have a computer calculating odds for them. Poker pro Barry Goldstein has a different view on bots in texas holdem however:

“I believe poker sites should allow bots, but only on clearly defined tables. Players should know who the bots are, and have the choice if they would like to play them or not.”

But most regular folks feel that bots offer too much opportunity for collusion, where a bot operator might be running 4 or 5 bots at the same time, sharing hand knowledge between the bots to fleece unsuspecting players who wander into the room. Anyone who has ever played facebook texas holdem poker has probably come across a bot at least once or twice, especially in the mid level rooms. All the tell tale signs are there: mechanical better, never talks to other players, never buys any gifts or drinks, no friends on their friend list etc. The next time you’re grinding in the rooms trying to win some facebook poker chips keep in mind that the disciplined player across the table from you may not be a human at all.

 Tags: bots for texas holdem, facebook poker bot, facebook poker cheats, Facebook Poker Chips, hack facebook poker, zynga poker bots |  9 Comments »  Keeping your facebook poker chips safe from hackers
January 27th, 2010 | Author: admin


 With the continuing rise in popularity of facebook poker chips as a virtual currency in facebook texas holdem poker games has come the unfortunate scourge of hackers, phishers, and thieves who try their best to trick unsuspecting players out of their hard earned facebook poker chips. Forums all over the internet are littered with posts by people who have had their facebook chips stolen. Nothing sucks quite as much as logging into Facebook or MySpace to play a few hands of poker only to find someone has already been in your account and your poker chips are gone.

Follow these tips to keeep your facebook poker chips safe:

• Never give your password to friends or family: Trust is a delicate thing that takes a long time to build but only second to destroy. Maybe giving your password to your girlfriend or brother to play in your account seemed like a harmless idea, but what happens when you have a disagreement or argument? What if after a war of words they decide the best way to get back at you is to log into your account and steal all your facebook poker chips?

• Be careful about what you download: Serious online gamers are always searching for cheats and hacks for the games they play in order to give them an edge. Poker is no different and there’s plenty of sites on the internet touting facebook poker cheats and hacks for those brave enough to download and install them. But many of these so called facebook poker cheats have viruses or trojan programs to them that allow the creator to gain access to your accounts and steal your facebook poker chips. If you never downloaded any of these programs then you’re probably safe, and if you have then you should run a spyware detection program like the one from Lavasoft.

• Make sure links you click on through Facebook and your email are from people you trust: Another popular way hackers try to gain access to players’ accounts is through what is known as phishing. They send legitimate and official looking emails to your inbox. When you open them you are asked to click on the link and login in order to save your account or win free facebook poker chips, but in reality you are logging into a fake site that sends your information off to the hacker who made it. Before you know it they’ve broken into your account and emptied it of any facebook chips you may have.

• Don’t fall for You Tube scams: If you do a search on you tube for facebook poker cheats, zynga poker hacks, or free facebook poker chips you’ll find hundreds of videos on the topic. More than 90% of them are made by idiots hoping to convince you to send them your account information. They range from slightly clever to completely moronic. Below is a video that has been up for a month and gotten over 1200 views so far. Though the spelling is horrendous I’m sure it still managed to fool a couple of people.

Warning: Do NOT follow the instructions in this video. It’s just an example.


 Tags: facebook poker cheats, Facebook Poker Chips, facebook poker hacks, facebook texas holdem poker, free facebook poker chips, zynga poker cheats, zynga poker chips, zynga poker hacks |  9 Comments »  Can multi-tabling win you more chips?
January 21st, 2010 | Author: admin

What is multi-tabling in facebook poker? Multi-tabling is simply playing in more than one table, and usually more than 3 or 4 at the same time with the hope of winning more facebook poker chips. This is something that can only be done for online texas holdem games because obviously it wouldn’t be possible for someone to run around to more than one table playing different hands in real life.

What are the benefits of multi-tabling, and can you really win more facebook poker chips by doing it? Is it against the rules in facebook poker? We’ll there is nothing against the rules about playing in multiple tables as you are not violating any of the game makers’ Terms of Service by playing in more than one room at a time. And yes, you can win more facebook poker chips by doing it, as long as you follow a few simple pointers:

- Open a new browser for each additional room you intend to play in and resize it so that it fits onto your screen. If you’re playing in 2 facebook poker rooms place the browsters next to each other, if you’re playing in 4 tables, place the browser windows on top of each other, just as if you were stacking 4 boxes. Never open a new table in the same browser using the “tabs” feature as this will most likely cause your browser to crash and throw you out of the table.

- Firefox handles flash better than Internet explorer does and is much more stable.  You can download Firefox direct from Mozilla.

- Close any programs that aren’t essential. Running multiple games of facebook poker in browsers can strain your computer system’s resources and if you’re chatting it up on MSN while watching clips of Girls Gone Wild on YoutTube at the same time, sooner or later your computer is going to freeze up and crash and eject you from all the tables.

- Forget about chatting in the chatbox. It might be fun to flirt or talk to friends when you’re playing in a single room, but multi tabling takes concentration and focus. Is it worth giving up a hand of a few million facebook poker chips when the timer runs out just to tell the hot girl seated across from you that you wana lick her face? Probably not, and “she” is probably a 45 year old man from Lebanon anyway.

The main advantage of playing in multiple tables in facebook texas holdem poker is that it allows you to see more hands than you normally would, letting you play a greater range of cards in a short amount of time. Any decent and careful player should be able to take advantage of this and use it their advantage to win more facebook poker chips. On the otherhand, if you play like a drunken monkey in heat and have the concentration of a stick you may want to think about passing on multi tabling

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